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Effect of Long-term Residence of Individual in Children's Home to His Moral Development

Autor Petr Šusta
Organisation FF UK
Year 2018
Research type Ph.D. thesis
Annotation The dissertation thesis elaborates on the effect of the long-term residence of an individual in a children´s home to his moral development. The dissertation thesis includes theoretical and empirical parts and the aim of the thesis is to find and eventually describe differences in the level of moral development of children and teenagers experienced with a long-therm residence in a children´s home and subjects without this expirience. It has been gained and collected results of the original research in accordance with the methodology of Lawrence Kohlberg in cooperation with children from the children´s homes and children from usuall families as control group.
Keywords morality, moral development, moral judgment, level of moral development, Lawrence Kohlberg, children´s home, institutional foster care, child, teenager
Research type unrepeated research
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End date
Obor AM Pedagogy, education
Availability available in the NRVDM electronic library
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Organisation FF UK
Possible connection Children and Youth Ratio in population
Number of children and young people
Expected numbers of children and young people
(Summer) recovery activities (form of summer camps)
Registry administrator Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Operator Národní pedagogický institut ČR
In cooperation Czech Council of Children and Youth
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