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Young in numbers

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Czech children as readers 2017

Autor: Hana Friendlaenderová

In 2017, the National Library of the Czech Republic initiated a repetition of a national representative survey of children focusing on reading books, reading behavior, usual ways of spending leisure time, the effects of the family and school environm… [READ MORE]

Grades 1 to 8 "Pupil in changing conditions of contemporary school"

Autor: Pražská skupina školní etnografie

1st to 8th grade "Pupil in changing conditions of contemporary school" - annex to the final report of the grant project GA ČR 406/00/0470 within the longitudinal research of the Prague Group of School Ethnography, which took place between 1995 - 2002… [READ MORE]

National report on physical activities of Czech children and youth

Autor: Aleš Gába

The National Report on Physical Activity of Czech Children and Youth summarizes and analyzes current findings on physical activity of Czech children and adolescents and formulates recommendations for reducing the prevalence of physical inactivity and… [READ MORE]

Czech children in cyberspace. How do they behave online and what threatens them?

Autor: Kamil Kopecký, René Szotkowski

The Center for the Prevention of Risky Virtual Communication at the Faculty of Education of Palacký University in Olomouc, has carried out extensive research at the beginning of 2019 aimed at mapping the behavior of children in the online environmen… [READ MORE]

Results of the questionnary survey of the risk behavior of pupils of the 2nd grade of primary schools and secondary schools in Prague

Autor: Roman Petrenko, Miroslav Líbal

Center of Social Services Prague, dept. Prague Primary Prevention Center implemented an extensive electronic questionnaire survey on the risk behavior of pupils in primary and secondary schools in Prague. 8,482 pupils aged 11 to 21 participated in th… [READ MORE]


About register

Dear visitors, welcome to the National Register of research on children and youth, which is publicly accessible data archive designated for all those interested in the latest information from the research surveys focused on our youngest generation. Portal operated by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports through the National Institute of Children and Youth gathers researches carried out by national, research and non-profit organizations and institutions. In the electronic library of the Register are stored complete final reports or links to them, along with basic annotations, both in Czech and in English.

Young in numbers

The Youth in Numbers project brings in one place publicly available data related to the themes of the state Concept of Youth Support for 2014–2020. The project was initiated and supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, its content is provided by the Analytical Center of the Czech Council of Children and Youth and the technical aspect is provided by the National Institute for Further Education. The aim of the project is to provide the professional and general public with a basic overview of the current development of the young generation in the areas of state youth policy.

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