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The Youth in Numbers

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Early reading skills in children with specific language impairment

Autor: Eva Richterová

This study investigated the development of early reading skills in children with specific language impairment within a psycholinguistic framework. The investigation is based on theories concerning linguistic and cognitive skills which play a crucial … [READ MORE]

Transition from pre-primary to primary education of children with low attendance in kindergarten

Autor: Helena Picková

The dissertation focuses on the parental attitudes about education of their children during transition from pre-primary to primary education. The study focused on families without identified socio-economic disadvantage whose children were not enrolle… [READ MORE]

Effect of Long-term Residence of Individual in Children's Home to His Moral Development

Autor: Petr Šusta

The dissertation thesis elaborates on the effect of the long-term residence of an individual in a children´s home to his moral development. The dissertation thesis includes theoretical and empirical parts and the aim of the thesis is to find and even… [READ MORE]

Primary school choice - an important mechanism influencing equity in education

Autor: Jaroslava Simonová

This dissertation describes the process of school choice in primary education and the factors influencing it. Using a qualitative grounded theory design, the work builds on data from 41 interviews with parents from diverse socio-economic backgrounds.… [READ MORE]

Expanding the Vocabulary of Roma Pupils in the Second Level of Primary School

Autor: Drahoslava Kráčmarová

The Thesis deals with the acquisition of vocabulary in the period of advanced language development in second-level primary school pupils from different socio-economic and socio- cultural backgrounds. The theoretical section summarises the basic findi… [READ MORE]


About register

Dear visitors, welcome to the National Register of research on children and youth, which is publicly accessible data archive designated for all those interested in the latest information from the research surveys focused on our youngest generation. Portal operated by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports through the National Pedagogical Institute of the Czech Republic gathers researches carried out by national, research and non-profit organizations and institutions. In the electronic library of the Register are stored complete final reports or links to them, along with basic annotations, both in Czech and in English.

The Youth in Numbers

The Youth in Numbers project brings in one place publicly available data related to the themes of the state Concept of Youth Support for 2014–2020. The project was initiated and supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, its content is provided by the Analytical Center of the Czech Council of Children and Youth and the technical aspect is provided by the National Pedagogical Institute of the Czech Republic. The aim of the project is to provide the professional and general public with a basic overview of the current development of the young generation in the areas of state youth policy.

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