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Children's eating habits and their potential impacts

Autor Veronika Manyová
Organisation Vysoká škola hotelová v Praze 8, spol. s r. o., Katedra hotelnictví
Year 2013
Research type master thesis
Annotation This thesis focuses on eating habits of children and their potential impacts. The aim of this work was to characterize obesity as a serious metabolic disorder and noted that this is a serious problem in childhood relatively easily solvable by modifying eating habits and increase physical activity. Today's world is burning off the famine and the issue of overweight and obesity, which affects more and more of the population in increasingly younger ages around the world. In response to this fact we are trying to bring appropriate eating habits of children from birth to adulthood. We want to highlight and reiterate what are the causes and consequences of obesity and eventually be able to draw on preventive measures. In large part the work focuses on obesity and overweight children from a psychological point of view, in which we are interested in how these issues may affect their development. The situation of the epidemic in children and adolescents is changing not only in the world but also in the Czech Republic and this negative development, we compared the sample we selected children with the values of children, which were obtained in a national survey in 1991. In the practical part, we will learn how to approach and think about obesity and overall lifestyle of today's children through the adolescent period.
Keywords BMI, weight, obesity, rating
Research type qualitative
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Obor AN Psychology, AQ Security and health protection
Availability available in the NRVDM electronic library
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Organisation Vysoká škola hotelová v Praze 8, spol. s r. o., Katedra hotelnictví
Possible connection Prevalence of overweight and obesity
Registry administrator Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Operator Národní pedagogický institut ČR
In cooperation Czech Council of Children and Youth
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